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Duck and Otter Creeks Great Lakes Legacy Act Data Gap Investigation Report - Final Report on studies page.  

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 Background: A comprehensive review of the physical, chemical, and biological stressors in Duck and Otter Creeks was conducted to evaluate if the sediment contaminants are adversely affecting the biological communities of these streams.  
This information fills data gaps from previous studies.  The sampling was conducted with the oversight The Duck and Otter Creek Industrial Partners (DOCIP), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO).

The project objectives include: 
         Determine the extent of contamination in both surface and subsurface sediments;
         Verify sediment toxicity and identify cause(s), to the extent practicable within the  
            constraints of this data gap investigation;
         Evaluate whether sediment contaminants are bioaccumulating in benthic 
            invertebrates and fish at levels likely to contribute significantly to the 
            degradation of benthos and fish populations;
         Evaluate habitat resources; and
         Collect data to support development of a feasibility study (evaluation of remedial 
            and restoration options to protect human health and the environment and to 
           advance progress toward delisting of beneficial use impairments), if one is found 
          to be necessary.

This presentation is part of a public education and outreach program sponsored by the Duck Otter Creek Partnership.  Comments received at this presentation will be shared with the Duck Otter Creek Partners and USEPA and OEPA.


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